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Originally Posted by HEcreated487 View Post
@Grohe- the '08-'10 Coupe wheels should be, IIRC, 18x8 et55. You can look at the back for the wheel; there should be stamps in the metal with that information.

If those specs are indeed correct, I would recommend spacers of 15mm front / 20mm rear. The OEM Coupe wheels (Vasekvi, et al) are 17x7 et55. For comparison purposes to the 18x8 wheel, those specs would equate to roughly a 17x8 et42.3 (i.e. the outer lip face would be in the same respective location compared to a 17x7 et55 wheel).

More conservatively, you could go with project kics 10mm spacer front. I hope that makes sense .... My personal preference would be 245/20/18 tires with 15mm F / 20mm R spacers

BTW, great thread Kevin
Did you mean 20 or 30?

Thanks for the response. Now that I know the offsets, I drew it out in CAD. And you were right, they would both stick out the same distance. So, I'm actually thinking about running 20MM up front, and 25MM out back.
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