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help me peeps...

I had a DUMB DRIVER with a unsecured fully loaded trailer 2 cars

in front of me on the highway drop his load on my front

bumper...first he hit a 2011 paper tagged highlander and then 2

bags of wooden things hit my front bumper....

I had to chase the guy down but the cops came and I got evrything

I questions are as follows....

1)should I buy an OEM bumper or a aftermarket OEM like front


2)Should I go 06-07 bumper or stay with the 03-05 bumper?

3)Where do you guys get the diff license pate holders from? or do

you just mount the plate on the bumper?

4)Will the front lip affect my ability to go really low in ride


My plan is to run all this year really low....
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