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Originally Posted by NH578Perfection View Post
Will the 06-07 coupe front bumper fit the 06-07 sedan ??
I don't know for certain, but pretty sure it's a "no"... There have been instances where the '03-'05 coupe lip has been used on a sedan, but it is definitely not a "snug" fit. There are gaps. I would think the '06-'07 coupe lip would be similar when mounting, with the possibility of modification of the sedan bumper, since the '06-'07 coupe front lip wraps around the fog lights. You could do a full '06-'07 coupe bumper and front lip conversion, but that also is not a direct fit (e.g. I believe there are gaps around the headlights). Again, this is based on what I've read, cause actual attempts would cost a significant amount of $$$$. GL!

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