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Front Door Speakers

ok, a bit confused here.

I called Honda, they said the front door speakers on my 03 Accord EX are 6.5".

I see mixed results on google when I try to search.

Some say 6.5", some say 5.25".

So what's actually in here? 6.5" or 5.25"?

I'm wanting to run some polk audio 5.25", 6x9"s in the back, and 3.5" in the dash.

I don't want to drop in something that requires any modification, just want some drop in speakers.

Crutchfield doesn't actually tell me what comes factory, it just gives me suggestions from 5.25" - 6.50".

also anyone know the mounting depth of the stock speakers? My owner's manual conveniently doesn't provide me with all of this information.
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