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Originally Posted by Scottwax View Post
Nice trap for intake/exhaust with a 5AT!

I didn't do much better with a Chevelle I had. Mild 350 (torque cam, headers, Holley double pumper), horrible 2.56 gears and a 2800 stall and ran a 14.68 @ 100 and 14.63 @ 93 on the brakes...and still broke out! True, I only used 1st and 2nd gear due to the 2.56 rear end but I also had a lot more done to the engine and zero emission controls except for a PCV.

Just amazing what 3.0 liters, fuel injection, computers and good engineering can do!
Thanks man!

It really is neat to think how far engineering in automotbiles has come. Your Chevelle is a prime example of the old school muscle. If you could travel back in time to the muscle car era and tell the world that family sedans/coupes with turbo 4cyl and V6 engines were running 13 and 14 second 1/4 mile times from the factory, no one would believe it.
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