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J36 build

Gearing up for my first engine build, the j36. This will be my progress/HELP ME! thread. Ive done easily 24 man hours of research on the build (not much i know but its a start), including pouring over the shop manuals for block/head assembly, and countless threads on here and azine.

I built a home made spec sheet to blueprint all the tolerances. I am at the point where im ready to tear down the J32a3 to send to the machine shop for hone/cleaning/decking/measurements. so far i have determined which main/rod bearing i need.

Crank Main Journals:
3123 pulley to fly

Block Letters:
BBCB Pulley to fly

Crank Rod Journals:
DCCDBD pulley to fly

Rod Markings:

Which makes the Main Bearings:
Main 1: B3 yel/yel
Main 2: B1 pink/pink
Main 3: C2 yel/yel
Main 4: B3 yel/yel

And the rod Bearings:
#1: D3 grn/brn
#2: C3 grn/grn
#3: C3 grn/grn
#4: D3 grn/brn
#5: B3 yel/grn
#6: D3 grn/brn

here is my parts list (excluding crank and rods, bought them separate). please let me know if im leaving anything out.

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