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Originally Posted by 07J30 View Post
I will also be replacing the clutch disc, PP, flywheel, and release bearing while I'm at it.

Still undecided what to do w heads. Would a used set of TLS cams be okay to throw in? Or should I buy new?

Honda calls for multiple types of honda bond depending on the application. It's confusing because there's conflicting info online and honda has changed the pn of the bond a couple times. Anyone know of a bond for all applications? I've heard permatex grey thrown around but have no expierence with it.
Used should have little to no impact vs new, unless they got severely severely worn.
Although bisi's are always cool

Where does it call for honda bond? In most places permatex grey is perfectly fine, and similar to genuine hondabond but in a tube. Permatex black would be the one to use if you need something in an oily place like oh say the oil pan. Or if you just want something more like a gasket and less like glue. (grey is more like a glue gasket, black you can let dry for a little bit and make it nearer to a real gasket in a tube)

One recommendation I will make for using these is to get the aerosol cans. There are caulking cans and hand tubes available for less, but the stuff is THICK, and usually you're covering a large area, and need precision (otherwise a real gasket would be used) and fatigued hands don't make accurate lines.
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