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Originally Posted by 07J30 View Post
Ok great thanks guys, I know this may seem inconsequential...but what should I use for parts cleaner on the bearings/internals before final assembly. My plan was to use laquer thinner and a microfiber cloth to wipe the parts down, maybe some compressed air to blow them off.

Mite seem anal but I've been reading how important it is to keep things clean w such tight tolerances. What do you guys think?
Kind of. If you want to do it proper, yes. Lots of people do it without cleaning it analy though.

I would however invest in a can of chemtool, just dip the bolts in there for a few minutes, and blast it with some air. That generally will take care of anything that isn't a hard particulate.

Chemtool>laquer thinner. Thinner won't work on everything that is car as quickly as chemtool will.
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