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Originally Posted by jbpnoman View Post

Third and finally, after I fix the actual problems, I want to do a little bit of aftermarket without drawing too much unwanted attention from cops or thieves. I'm looking at Llumar window tint (AIR 90 windshield, Ceramic 40% rear, 70% front), Tein Street Advance suspension, and either XLR8 or RV6 long tube J pipe. Smart? Dumb? Since I'll be leaving the pre-cats alone, I won't run into any issues running a long tube without that cat, will I? Or would I be better served keeping the stock J pipe, and getting pre-cat deletes? I've always thought Tein was good hardware, but is the price tag a "too good to be true" thing, or am I over-analyzing?

With my Civic, I knew everything I needed to just from working on it for so long, but the Accord is a new world for me, and I'm liking it so far. If I should be making my own thread, just...poke me with a stick or something, and I'll un**** myself :P
Tint is always a good idea. I have the XLR8 v2 J-pipe on my car and the improvement was noticeable especially in the midrange. Zero issues with CEL's with it. Precat deletes make power but at the expense of rasp unless you add another resonator. Plus if your state does emissions testings on rollers (here they just go by codes) or does a visual inspection you probably won't pass with deletes.
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