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Originally Posted by tniemuth95 View Post
Quick question here guys.

I'm new car shopping and have narrowed my search to the 7th gen accord (obviously) and a 01-05 Lexus IS300. I haven't driven either yet, planning on doing that this weekend. Was just curious if anyone had any (non biased hopefully) opinions on one versus the other. My own research has led me to the following conclusions however they may be wrong:

-Lexus will is more reliable
-Lexus will handle better
-Honda faster in straight line
-Honda much more interior room
-Honda better gas mileage

Has anyone driven both and compare the fun factor? Also how cramped is the Lexus? I'm 6' 200 pounds and like to workout so I'm pretty wide in the back and shoulders.

Thanks guys!
You've basically summed it up. I think the handling will be closer than you think. Also, the is 300 is kinda tough to find in a manual.

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