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Map Lights are being stupid

Got a strange one here.

The map lights (up front in the homelink/sunglasses holder) work/don't work. When I open my door the lights will not come on (yes I checked the bulbs, thanks for asking). They did for a while then stopped so I did the first logical step when an electrical issue arises, I hit it a few times with my hand, and BOOM! They started working again! Then after a while they stopped and I started having the same problem with the dome light (behind the sunroof) Obviously I've tried toggling the switch from DOOR/OFF and back, no luck. When I push the lens cover they turn on manually no problem. When I open the door the courtesy lights still come on (in the door pockets by the door jamb). I've had the assembly apart a few times and all the connections are in good shape. I cant get my tester tool in there because the ground lead is too short to find a proper ground and I don't want to fry the sumbich. Anyone else have/had this problem? I know it's pretty minor but I like things to all be working at 100%.
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