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Originally Posted by Nut View Post

Did a search on starters and this came up.

In the past few weeks or so, the car has struggled to start. There would times where the car would start perfectly, and then would be times when the car would struggle. By struggle I mean, it would turn but stall out as if there wasn't enough juice to crank it up.

When it loses power and stalls out, I would remove the key and retry; each time holding the turned key a tad longer to get it going.

I noticed this issue during the morning and after work. I just cleaned the battery terminal today, so we'll see. I would hate for the car to stall out somewhere.

Any ideas? I just changed the battery about 1 1/2 years ago. The battery is from wal-mart and has a 2014 stamp.

I noticed that my CD unit going crap, and I dunno if this is part of it. Again, I notice weak starts, but normal starts as well. I took the car for a check and they couldn't find anything. I dunno if it's battery or starter or some other electrical issue. Could it be fuse related? ughh..
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