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the knocks seem to be all but gone with these latest maps, and i zip tied the hood latch sensor in the "closed" position and now the alarm system works again, so it was certainly my problem from above.

on to a new problem. the engine seems to be running flawlessly, i have a timing belt "warble" that is possibly covered under TSB 08-045. it follows the service bulletin symptoms and others reported symptoms exactly.

I pulled the upper and lower outside timing covers off along with the serp belt and crank pulley. i listened to the tbelt idler with a scope as the engine is running without the covers and it seems to def be the culprit. so i put the covers back on and go for a short drive to make sure everything is ok and now im getting misfire codes on cyl 3 and 4 and a p0300 "multiple" misfire code. the car still runs the exact same as it did before, no symptoms of misfire. compression is good. WTH! its an intermittent code and the engine light only flashes once or twice before going off again.

im pretty frustrated, how could removing the timing covers cause this? i didnt touch the tbelt or anything timing related besides the covers!
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