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Thinking of changing my exhaust setup in the spring, i believe im leaving a lot of power untapped w the tiny borla.

1) do you guys think single 3" would be best/easiest since ill be making it custom?

2) should i buy the ATLP jpipe with 3" collector or just weld my own 3" collector on the rv6 jpipe?

3) i still want low drone/rasp. im thinking ill retain the use of a 3" res and 3" mid muffler along with a tip muffler all at the stock locations. dont know how much this will "kill" gains but if its only slightly im ok with it. which mufflers have ppl used that are good quality and kill rasp well?

im open to suggestions, ive seen ppl have great luck w single 3" exhaust but dont know if theres any new info im missing. i have full supporting intake mods.
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