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Originally Posted by Rich01 View Post
I'm interested also. I was looking at these options to replace my Borla:
-Buying a pre-bend 3" to 2.5" Y with dual Magnaflow mufflers and resonator ~$600
-Pre-bend full 2.5" with dual Magnaflow mufflers and resonator ~ $550
-Tsudo 2.5" catback ~ $500

Same site selling the pre-bend pipes have an option for a single 3"
Still on the fence. I know Paul did full 3" to dual magnaflows including PCD and Jpipe for his J36 MP90 builds but maybe overkill for us.

rich are you referring to "trubendz" brand? they are prebent systems you just add mufflers to? they seem like a decent option. i was looking at borla mufflers bc i love the way my borla sounds, trouble is i don't know what borla mufflers come on their CBE for our cars.

also the dual exit options they have carry the same size after the split as before and that doesn't make much sense to me, which is why i wanted to stay single exit. but if i go with anything other than 3" i think it will essentially flow similar to what i have now
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