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burning oil

04 v6 manual coupe. Burns oil about half a quart in under 1000 miles.i have full exhaust pcd xlr8 jpipe n tsudo catback. The black residue on bumper is normal from no cats. But for the amount it burns , theres no leak or very bad residue on bumper nor does is smoke under hard acceleration. Inside muffler tip is just regular black soot when u smear it, no thickening or buildup. My plugs are cover in black soot with the tip a slight whitish color. Coolant level is same.

I do smoke upon cold start up but thats just probably condensation from cold then disappears. I do remember that when i did my valve adjustment 2000 miles ago, the texture on the valve stem seals looks rough or dried up but i didnt pay close attention. Car still pulls strong up top but not much low end trq and lags for power in lower rpms until 4k rpms.

Also i notice i f***k on this one switching to mobil 1 semi or fully snthetic too. That could be my problem too. So i was planning to switch to 5w-30 valvoline conventional to see how it goes first.

I know im suppose to do a compression test. Maybe after my new conventional oil.
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