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Went back to the track after installing the torque damper kit back in September 2015. I reset the ecu and drove about 30 miles to the track cutout open. Was able to run a 14.04 @ 102mph on a slipping clutch (didn't start slipping until after a few runs of course) and some worn toyo proxys. I ran the car 15 times and was unable to reach my goal of 13.99. Bummer but since then I have installed a new oem clutch, TL LSD trans, and slave delete. Looking to go after I get some new tires on this summer. I need hondata bad. I have j37 tb rev hang issues and I'm dealing with the cutout switching issue as well. Cutout sounds sick tho. Especially downshifting to 3rd around 65mph is earth shattering.

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