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Ok, so I know you guys have been waiting for a dyno video. But, we ran into a problem while dyno tuning today. We got a small oil leak from the oil return line to the pan. So we couldn't finish the tune for today since we started at 8pm and ended around 9:30pm.

So from the data we collected my AFR at idle is about 14:1 and when I am at WOT it was about 11.9:1 after a quick tune. We didn't get the numbers I wanted due to the fact that we didn't finish the tune and the oil leak. What I got was 192whp and 215wtq. Not to shabby with a light tune and a oil leak huh? So they are going to fix the oil leak tomarrow and possibly change the oil return line TC sent because its not long enough to fit the correct way.

Here's the video:
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