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Originally Posted by ngc604 View Post
great solution.... go slow over speed bumps. if people yell at you pull out the shotgun(which you bought instead of the skid plate) and ask if they have a problem. you can kinda go to their car(w/ shotgun) and explain that you have lowered your car and that they are not going to have to pay for engine work if you mess it up. or you can skip the whole shotgun thing and just flip them off as you take you jolly ole sideways moving a$$ over the speed bumps.

also, if you know your going to scrape somewhere why the fu*k are you going there? within all the cities i drive on a normal basis i know exactly where i am going to scrape so i do not go to those establishments or houses. that is one reason why i cannot go to KFC in corona anymore. i have a friend that is lowered and hits driveways and speed bumps wrong and he b|tches all the time about how bad that is for the engine. all i can tell him is, "well.... don't do that then..."

on a positive note. you can make the skid plate real heavy and maybe that will make my front fender gap equal to my rear.....
Do you honestly think these are going to be heavy enough to even lower your car 1/16" of an inch?! Have you ever lifted a sheet of 3/16" aluminum?? If I'm successful in getting these made out of aluminum, they wont weigh any more than 25lbs, steel- maybe 35-40. Don't know if youre trying to be smart or something, but I can almost guarantee you won't notice a difference ride height/driveability.

I see your point though, if you know somewhere you're going to bottom out, don't drive there...but thats pretty much a given. But what about sometime you're driving down the freeway and theres a huge rock in the middle of the road and you have ZERO time to react? Or sometime youre cruising around in an unfamiliar territory, you gonna scout it out first? Or that speedbump you advised me to drive over slowly. I've tried that, slower than a walk, at an angle, everything...and I still bottom out, as I'm sure many other people do. This is something that will not only protect from the everyday speedbumps and potholes you already know and try to avoid, but the inevitable rocks, debris and other things that could really bust your engine up.

And stupidaznmunkey, I realize a lot of you guys are from Socal, or other surrounding areas where the roads are endlessly smooth. I am not, I come from the east coast of Canada where our roads can get pretty brutal sometimes... Personally, thats why I'm getting mine made, because the roads are just too hard on my oilpan.
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