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Originally Posted by ngc604 View Post
if you made it out of cast iron.....

yes i was being a smart a$$

also. if you think cali roads are "endlessly smooth" then you need to take a trip out here. our roads are fu*ked! drive around LA and you'll feel right at home. that is another reason i dont go to LA.

and what kind of sh|t happens out there where you have huge rocks just laying around?

and one more thing... if you live in a country with roads from hell then why are you lowered so much?

and theres always time to react. just depends on how well you watch the road.
^He makes some good points though.

& He's right, LA roads are messed UPPPPPP. And I scraped my Comptech headers because I was headed to downtown LA. This was on the freeway.. this IS a good idea.. but I don't feel like adding more weight to my car, IF it's going to be heavy.
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