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Originally Posted by CG_TypeR View Post
^ you need to get out of here wit that sh!t. everyone here is interested for a reason. just because you cant hang wit a dumped car. we dont need that kinda attitude around here cuhz.
how about you leave the ethug sh|t at the door. i am just messing with the guy. i am also stating that you need to have half a brain to drive a lowered car since you cannot go driving around like your in a 4x4.

but i guess a guy that says wit and cuhz just might not have half a brain. maybe you need a skid plate made out of titanium or tungsten????

now sorry for hijacking your thread man. it is a good idea. where do you think you are going to have the guy mount the skid plate. do you think custom holes will have to be drilled or use existing holes. and how much space will there be in between the headers/oil pan and the plate?
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