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Originally Posted by ngc604 View Post
now sorry for hijacking your thread man. it is a good idea. where do you think you are going to have the guy mount the skid plate. do you think custom holes will have to be drilled or use existing holes. and how much space will there be in between the headers/oil pan and the plate?

Apology accepted and thanks for getting this back on track. Ideally, I don't want to have to drill any more holes in the frame, I want it reasonably easy to take off (for oil changes and such) and of course light so its easy to take on and off and won't add much weight to the car. But these are all things I'm going to have to discuss with the machinist about when we're designing this.

Sorry this is taking so long to get some info, I've been trying to get my car up to his shop so he can get some measurements, figure out labour time and costs etc etc. but with school wrapping up for break, and exams piling on in the next 2 weeks, it may be after the new year before I have some definite info for you guys. Thanks for the enthusiasm and I hope this project is a success.
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