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jerkzack -- my friend's 02 4cyl Accord coupe somehow lost pretty much all it's oil...i'm talking the dipstick was dry...her car shut off (like it ran out of gas) with the oil light on before anything happened to the motor. the car's running fine now. ANNNND if you hit something hard enough to crack your oil pan so bad that you lose ALL traces of oil in 10 seconds? i'm pretty sure you stop and check it out...or that you've got bigger problems than an oil pan to worry what happened to the wheel that just fell off...or why your transmission is being dragged behind you. you also said hardened steel at one point and aluminum at another point. the steel is going to be heavy...the aluminum is gonna be weak (unless you're talking about an alloy...but that's gonna cost a lot more). maybe you should consider making something to cover the oilpan and the tranny casing only.
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