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Originally Posted by six6 View Post
cold air
already got it, unless you mean something like this under the hood

Originally Posted by worldon1finger View Post
I would seafoam it and that should be it. If you were local I wouldnt mind helping you on some other stuff but I live near Philadelphia PA.
what kind of other stuff, i am actually driving out that way on the weekend of the 1st of august

Originally Posted by thisaznboi88 View Post
seafoam would be a good start. I just seafoam my friend car today and damn sooo much smoke it had 80k miles on it.

If you need pulley let me know I am gaining interest in the pulley for the v6 people.
I would be interested in that, i wonder what it takes to make these pulleys, a friend of the family is a master machinist, and has all the equipment necessary maybe i could figure it out and have him make a bunch cheaper!
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