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im actually kinda scared to handle it too much, lol. should have seen how long it took me to cut open the cardboard wrapping aka "tube" they shipped it in.

so far it looks perfect but i only unrolled 2 feet of it. need a big open table to make sure i dont distort anything.

also i thought up a cheap simple way to protect the epoxy on the roof while it cures. im going to put a 10x10 canopy over the car's midsection and tape up a plastic barrier on all sides and put a little space heater within the canopy to maintain a steady temp all night while it cures. call it my make-shift booth, lol.

im honestly still pretty far from actually doing the project because i need to find a suitable clear coat for the roof, the HOK stuff you recommened is great but man its really pushing my budget on this roof. im not really negligent with my car so i know i'll keep CF parts properly waxed at all times so im willing to sacrifice on the clear coat just a little since the epoxy has UV blockers in it, the clear i eventually use will likely have some sort of UV blockers and to top it off, the sealant i use has UV blockers...Blackfire Wet Diamond Paint Sealant Product Review – Detailed Image
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