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Originally Posted by otsb708 View Post
Power to Weight Ratio for stock vehicles:

Honda Accord Coupe V6 6SPD W/ Navi has a curb weight of 3,423lb: 12.6
Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Track has a curb weight of 3,389lb: 9.8

Who's the cow now?

and as for the F1 racing comment, if I remember correctly the Hyundai Genesis Coupe raced at the Formula Drift Professional Drifting Championship, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and select Redline Time Attack Series events in 2009 thanks to a joint venture between Hyundai and racing champion Rhys Millen so Hyundai is definitely on the up and coming.
Let me help you out with your math. if you are comparing the 2012 Genesis Track Coupe vs the 2012 Accord V6 6MT like you posted earlier then you have posted the wrong power to weight ratio

3389/306hp =11.1

When the 2013 Accord specs come out then you can calculate them if you'd like to compare 2013 models
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