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Hyundai did put together a decent platform to work off of. But the accord is in no comparison to the Hyundai. The Accord has absolutely no performance in mind during production/development.

Honda's primary goal is fuel efficiency, smaller displacement, without sacrificing power.

SOHC V6 Honda Accord makes as much power as alot of DOHC V6 out there. If Honda can develope this kind of engine, with lesser moving mechanical components and still yield the same power, You ought to bow to that.

I love the sound of DOHC V6. However I appreciate my single cam alot more knowing it woops most DOHC v6.

And I waste less than half a tank driving from Vegas back to Orange County, CA.

What non-hybrid car do you know that can pull that one off?

What kind of gas mileage does the Hyundai get?
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