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The new front end is hideous. Looks like a whale shark. With that said, the platform is a great one. The interior of the current Gen is pretty nice, so I imagine this one will be better.

I have to give Hyundai credit, since they are doing it big. The Gen sedan is one sick car. The coupe looks really nice although it's performance is mediocre. The new 2.0t seems to be the winner here with tons of aftermarket support, which will easily exceed 320-330whp on the stock turbo it looks like. The 3.8 is no slouch with what should be ~300whp stock, but will weigh a bit more. Stock for stock it will be no comparison like current. But once modded I'm sure the 2.0t will win.

Jiga Idk about a stock SI beating a 3.8. The SI's are rather slow in stock form, running 14.8-15.x usually. There was 1 I saw that ran 14.5 @95 I believe, but still nothing amazing considering the trap speed. Stock 3.8s are usually around 13.9-14.5 @98-101. My buddy owns one (6MT) and had my cousin drive it to race me. From a dig I left late so he immediately jumped 1-1.5 cars. I reeled him in and passed him once I hit 4th gear and pulled about 1-1.5 cars to 115. He was bone stock and we both had passengers (should've gotten it on tape). Although I had a bad start, they are still quick cars and should leave a stock SI pretty easily. I will say though that with the 3.8, their straight line performance is rather lacking.
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