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Originally Posted by jiga21 View Post
A stock 8gen si will Park the 2.0 turbo & will pull on the 3.8 v6 by a car minimum....stock 7gen accord pulls the stock si with no iVtec, LSD or high compression...u wanna know why ?

Examples of some Overrated cars;
g35 306, the 3.8 v6 eclipse 260, the first gen cobalt ss 260 sc (the following gen was a win tho turbocharged), the fail hyundai's u strive for both 4 & 6 cyl (2013 models might be pending this list also, hopefully not for the Hyundai fans)

There is no credit due for genesis...I wanna see the v6 beat the new mustang lol or camaro...better yet see them beat each the 2.0 win over the 3.8 stock. Because when both modified the 2.0 would outrun the 3.8 in the current gen genesis models.
Gen coupe vs Civic SI modded: Looks to me like the Genesis walked
[ame=]Si vs Genesis 3.8 MT - YouTube[/ame]

Just so you know, the Supercharged Cobalt had 205hp. The turbo had 260.

Gen coupe vs Camaro/Mustang: Beat the camaro
[ame= =1&list=PL24F15A5421E10427]V-6 Coupe Drag Race! - Mustang vs Genesis Coupe 3.8 vs Camaro RS vs Challenger SE - YouTube[/ame]

Its no question that the Gen V6 will beat the Gen 2.0t stock for stock. It almost seems that is what you are elluding to in your second to last sentence, that the 2.0 will beat the 3.8 stock for stock. The 3.8 is not slow by any means and hangs tough with the Mustang and Camaro that boast the same power. Your argument seems a little biased because the car is a Hyundai in my opinion. Because if you're going to say the 3.8 is slow, then you have to say the Mustang and Camaro and slow, and I don't see you saying that.
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