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Originally Posted by rickybobby View Post
ya idk what to do because i want it to actually last like a long time and stay looking good so most likely best way would probably remove the old headliner so i was gonna look at joann fabrics and see what i can find im getting pretty excited to see what i can come up with just want some info from people who have done it before....btw man your car is looking soooooo goood
I just pulled my fabric off, soaked the glue and used a wire brush to remove the glue that was left, in the link i put at the bottom, you can somewhat see its a white thin plastic, its on top of the black celica

Originally Posted by Milan View Post
You should do suede. It's far down on my list of to-do lol.
+1, although this is what most people do, although i'm not too sure what mine is, i thought it was like a suede but its not lol, pics are in the link at the bottom

Originally Posted by workinprogress View Post
I'm gonna do mine this month so ill do a write up
Doooo eeet! lol if you need help lemme know!

Originally Posted by NightHawk Gal View Post
Oh my god that would be amazing...I'd love to do it myself!
DOooooooo eeeeeeeeet Denny!

Originally Posted by CrackerTeg View Post
Denny, Nick has a sedan. Though, it should be pretty similar in the gluing and wrapping and such but the deinstall and reinstall will be different. As for that, hit up Chris (armyguy). I'm pretty sure he wrapped his headliner recently.

sure did, was pretty easy, but it was like 8,9 months ago now lol...

Originally Posted by Rushzer0 View Post
I did mine in micro-Suede. If your going to redo your headliner and are thinking about re-painting your trim, that's the time to do it. You have to remove all the pillar trim to get the headliner out anyways.

^This, I repainted all the pillars black w/ trim spray paint

Also if the material on your headliner isn't falling off or anything, I recommend giving the headliner a good cleaning and just putting the new fabric over the existing stuff. I used 3M Super Trim Adhesive and found it to be great, the Part number is 08090.

I used an adhesive that said 300 strength or something like that and its still holding up strong, I tried to find it on the Jo-ann's website but i couldnt find it, I did find this though, not sure how long it would last .
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Also I would ask Chris (Armyguy) about the sunroof cover, I couldn't find a DIY when I did mine and ended up doing it in the car with the sunroof cover still attached...big pain in the ass. LoL.

and here is the DIY I did for those coupes that have a sunroof... not sure if its the same for a sedan, if it is let me know.

lol its kinda cool I'm getting referred to, I feel like I actually contribute to the accord community lol
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