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Originally Posted by armyguy239 View Post
I didnt have handles, and for the visors i just didnt cut the holes out in the middle for the little clips that hold them in, just at the ends for the wink mirror brackets, and no they're all the same i believe, mines a rally one from Amazon. yea i just peeled off the fabric, i used a wire brush and water to remove the glue, i'll put pix on here so you can see..

just laying it over so we could cut it to a closer form, top right of pic you'll see the glue i used, its loctite i belive, it was the strongest one out of the 3, which i believe was 300 strength, went from 100,200,300...
awesome!! and those b pillars were a pain in the ass im about to start on the sunroof assembly.. when you laid the carpet on the head liner how much glue did you spray and how to you put it down from the middle out and also did you have a heat gun handy for wrinkles?
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