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The thing that will scare would probably be the bumper removal. It's very easy. When u pop the hood u'll see some weird black plastic clips. Get a really flat screwdriver and lift it up(dont scratch em remember). Then when the thing goes up, pull it with ur hand. Do em with the rest connected to the bumper. U'll also need to remove the screw on the bumper by the fender and some in the bottom. There are a bunch of clips in the bottom as well so take em out. After u take em all out, remove the bumper starting from any side. Pull it with some force, but don't be an animal.

After u remove the bumper, remove the battery since it's gonna make it easier to work with the removal of the factory intake box. Take the box where the battery hangs out, and then remove the screws holding the intake and the tube that's connected to the intake close to the throttle. U'll notice it's gonna be tricky to remove the resonator box at the bottom. Just seperate them from the bottom and then pull the one on the left upwards if ur looking towards the engine bay after u remove the one from right by pulling it down. After that just install the intake like the instructions tell u too and ur set. Then install the bumper back, and make sure the clips are in securely. U have to make sure they're stuck there good. U don't want to bumper falling off or the plastic covers in the bottom. Just remember how tight it was at the beggining and make sure it's that tight after the installation.

I hope this helps. I didn't use any manual or anything. I just looked and removed whatever had to be removed. If ur intimidated, get a friend to help you. Don't let some juppy charge 2million bucks for such a fun simple install.
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