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Thanks for the responses, guys!

Originally Posted by SteVTEC
damn, nice writeup

Yeah the new Sonata is sweet. I'll have to at least put it on my test drive list.

It's definitely worth a look. The long warranties make it a great choice for those looking to keep their next new car for a long time.

It's a shame they're not going to offer a manual transmission with the V6 Oh well, at least the 5-speed automatic is geared pretty well and makes the most out of the available power. It should be good for low to mid 15's at the track, according to CarTest.

Originally Posted by Max on This
hmm... I hope I don't get flammed for this but its a nicer looking 7th gen Honda Accord sedan (like 5X's better)

I like it, the proportions are right, the front end looks low and mean, like the new Subie Legacy but not as squinty.
I agree The Accord looks fine, but the Sonata has better proportions, especially in the rear. The Accord's trunk is too short and the rear is too dumpy-looking (the tailights are too big and sit too low on the car), IMO.

The 6th gen has the opposite problem. It looks fine from directly behind the car, but when viewed from the side the trunk lid is too long, the taillights are too large, and the backlight isn't raked enough.

Hopefully, Honda will get the proportions of the Accord sedan right when the 8th gen comes out in a few years

Originally Posted by Plumaccordcoupe
Great thread TH23 .

Not crazy about the interior but the 3.3L V6 is a big plus .
Thank you

Yea, I agree with you there. The interior is a little on the bland side. Hell, the upper half of the dashboard looks like it was lifted straight out of the Camry, the leader in automotive blandness

Anyway, I think the interior looks fine for a family sedan priced around $20,000. You can't expect anything too fancy at that price

Because just like the Japanese car companies, Hyundai likes to chop the great innovative features out of the cars they import to America.
Very true and it's a shame that they have to do that

Wait a that I think about it, Hyundai may have saved the premium features like HID, NAV, memory seats, and dual-zone climate control for the upcoming redesign of their flagship, the XG sedan. Hmmm...

Originally Posted by SixSpeeder
audi a4/subaru legacy front end and a honda accord sendan rear end. seems to have the new a4 side profile too.
Ah...the A4. That's it! That's the car that I thought the Sonata's front end resembled. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Epyon
WOW great thread, that car looks great, its just as i thought around 4 years ago, that Hyundai would Evolve quickly and give big competition.

i think the front looks like a TSX, or a TL.
Thanks man.

Absolutely! They've come a long way since their humble beginnings in the US 20 years ago. They may not be quite up to par with Honda, Toyota and Nissan yet, but they're getting there. Fast.
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