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Originally Posted by Plumaccordcoupe
Maybe but the XG is a full sized sedan. Cutting features out of their mid sized sedan to save them for their upper class full size sedan doesn't make any sense. Especially when just about every other company’s mid sized sedans offer at least some of those features.
I think they may be positioning the XG to take on the TL and ES330 at a budget price. That would mean the new XG will probably be priced in the high-20's to around $30k fully-loaded to be competitive and a good value. I have a feeling that if they gave the Sonata those premium features, it would be breathing hard down the XG's neck pricewise. Since the Sonata has become a large car for 2006 and the new XG will likely be similar in size and based on the same platform, feature content (and probably the engine) will be the dividing factor between them (like the Accord and TL).

That's my take on it, at least.
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