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It's a nice car, that's for sure Even with all of those features, it should still sticker for less than $30k.

I think the new Sonata's exterior design is more cohesive and more attractive overall, but the Azera has a few good angles. The front-end is the worst part of the car, IMO. If I squint a little while looking at it, it's like I'm looking at the front of a Buick Regal The resemblance is almost frightening LOL.

The interior is extremely nice, even if it does look as if the design were stolen from Toyota's styling department It's definitely got the Sonata's interior beat hands-down styling-wise. It looks richer, too, thanks to a healthy amount of faux wood trim splashed throughout the dash, door panels and steering wheel.

Now, if only they could put the Azera's interior and engine into the Sonata's body... Actually, the engine would fit because it's the same block (Lambda) as the Sonata's. Hmmm...

Speaking of the engine, if the preliminary specs hold true, the Azera will be a fairly quick car. It should be able to out-accelerate the 7G Accord V6 AT and come within a few tenths of the new Avalon, according to CarTest. CarTest also shows that it should hit high-14's at the track without much trouble. With numbers like that, it will be quite the sleeper

It'll be interesting to see what kind of response this car gets from the automotive press, and if it will be able to maintain a bargain-basement (for the class) price.

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