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This new Sonata, in korea is a HUGE hit.
Waiting list goes on for months.

New sonata definitely is freshened up.
Looks wise, Front is beautiful. I don't appreciate that hood line, but overall flows.
Rear is basically aggressive, sexier looking 7th gen sedan imo.
I think looks wise it deserves an A+. especially coming from hyundai.
Bump in performance aspect for sonata is a huge plus also.

And yes, korean cars sold here has WAY less features and little gizmos here and there.
I have rode many korean cars in korea, and also here in states.
Realized, so many options disappeared in us models. But we do receive bigger engine
here in states. There tend to be less powerful models in korea.
In my honest opinion, Traffic condition suggesting that there is no need for extra liters?
especially when gas price in korea is just a killer.

I really want to see this car in person see how it looks and feels.
I was never fan of sonata until this one came out.. emmmm..
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