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Originally Posted by Dizzy
Let's not forget their 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. The best in the industry! I think Hyundai has itself a hit here! Damn...for 20k and you get all that car? I'm gonna have to recommend it for a test drive for all relatives looking at nice cheap new cars.

Can we say best bang for the buck? HID? It will probably show up next year. Same deal w/ the other stuff. Either way, I'd rather just put my own nav/dvd player in there

Hyundai's reliability is already up there w/ Toyota and Honda, so this should be a very interesting sales race.


This car has tons of value. It's priced like a domestic but has quality on par with Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, and, as you said, it has the best warranty in the business.

There's almost no reason not to buy this car if you're in the market for a low-$20k family sedan. For that price, you get a powerful V6 with decent fuel economy (20 MPG CITY, 30 MPG HWY), tons of features, and a level of safety equipment that's unmatched by anything else anywhere near it's price

The Sonata is no longer a 3rd class alternative to Camry and Accord. Dollar for dollar, it's actually better than those two because it combines tremendous value with top-notch build quality. The old Sonata offered tremendous value, but it didn't have the quality to be taken seriously when compared to the competition. I'm really proud of how far Hyundai has come the last few years.

I hope to own a new Sonata within a few years. I like it that much.
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