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Originally Posted by CRV_33
I'm not a big fan of Hyundai's. I remember when my sister and my brother in law bought their new sonata in 2001 they had banners in the Hyundai dealerhsip bragging that their cars are better than a camry and an accord. Being a present accord owner and a past owner of a camry, hyundai will never be better than either company.

4 years and 90,000 miles later my sister's sonata engine bearings blew out and she needed a new engine. Up to that point she followed their maintenence schedule like the Holy Bible and had everything serviced at the dealership even the oil changes. When she found out that she needed a new engine, Hyundai and the Hyundai dealership refused to cover the engine under the warranty or at least help pick up the bill. In fact they blamed it on my sister for driving the car so much. I think their warranty is all crap, for everything that failed on it, it was never fixed under the warranty.

So if you want to blow money on a crappy and unreliable company be my guest. I would take my "auto tranny time bomb" accord over a Hyundai anyday. Yeah their styling is getting better, but until they are proven to meet and exceed the RELIABILTY bar that toyota and honda has set, I would never utter the Korean company in the same sentence!
One person's bad experience sure is a good generalization.
People with mercedes, BMWs, fords, hondas, toyotas, nissans, just about EVERY
company gets b1tched at by customers.

and god knows how your sister drives. no offense, but really.
I know so many people with hyundai. Mostly Santa Fe and Sonata.
I never heard a single complaint from them.

No company is near perfect, and they all make mistakes.
1 person out of 100 compains, ehh huge deal.

Im on my second honda(had nissan,mitsubishi before), and I complain
like no other. Accord had the made-out-of-bubbles-tranny(even though
mind never had a problem), and everything rattled like no other. Its brakes
and rotors prematurelly worn out(under 10k miles), and the damn dealership
wouldn't do anything about it. I got charged for checking CEL light, first one
for 140 bucks and second for 80 bucks.
I had the most horrible dealership experience ever with honda, along with their
un-educated technicians and "i'll-rip-you-off" service representatives.
oh and my accord's paintjob was so damn weak. It chipped every other day.

but does this mean honda sucks? just because I had a bad experience with it?
No. I've heard ton more good stories about hondas, and I know they make
great cars.

And you are a little out-dated on your sources, hyundai have already
rated equally with honda/toyota reliability. so uh... you basically called
honda/toyota a crappy and unreliable company.

So if you don't know too much about the company, don't put down any
random words just because your "sister" had a bad experience with it.
Give me a break.

btw, nice choice on the color of your accord. thats what I had.
Taffeta white is the sh1t!!
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