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Originally Posted by Plumaccordcoupe
TH23, have you seen this yet?*

The Camry, Accord, and Altima (not in Edmunds comparison) just got owned . Hopefully this will light a fire under Honda's, Toyota's and Nissan's butt and show them that they just can't sit around thinking their cars have no other equal outside of the Japanese car manufactures.
Oh yea, I saw that comparo not too long ago. I think HwaNi posted the link in the other Sonata thread recently. It was a good read

The Sonata did really well, better than I expected. The GLS V6 is an unbeatable value, offering V6 power and class-leading safety features for roughly the same price as the competition's mid-level 4-cylinder models (Accord LX and Camry LE). That value, along with the model's newfound competence, is what won the day.

It'll be interesting to see if the Sonata's trump card, value, still works as well when the more expensive LX model is compared to the Accord EX V6, Camry XLE V6, and Altima V6. It's up there where the value of the Sonata diminishes somewhat because the competition, especially the Accord EX V6, offers similar equipment levels and power for not much more money.

Still, as you said, Honda and Toyota better start taking notice before Hyundai passes them by and leaves them in the dust by selling top-quality vehicles at prices the competition can't touch. Hell, that may already be happening with the new Sonata
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