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Originally Posted by CRV_33
HwaNi.J30A-C all I am trying to state is that everyone keeps talking about how great the 10 year/100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty is. You should really take a look into what is what isn't covered. For example when my sister hit the 45,000 mile mark, she needed her alternator replaced. Hyundai said at that point they consider that a "wear and tear" issue and that the warranty no longer covered that part. there were like others things that went out like the backlight on her cd player, Hyundai also refused to fix that under warranty as well. Is that how a bumper to bumper warranty really works?

And the part that they insisted that since my sister drove the car too much, if their cars were so reliable and better built and keep in mind that she followed their maintenence schedule religiously, is this really a logical excuse? Like when you sitting in the dealership signing the papers for the cars, do you ever hear saleperson slip in, "hey i hope you only intend to drive xx,xxx miles of annually because anything more, it might break the parts".

I am just providing my sister's experience with Hyundai to help buyers like you to get information. and being outdated on my sources? I think seeing how the car drives first hand is pretty good one. I mean what would be a better one? Driving by a dealership admiring the car's exterior looks?
You are posting same thing again. You still don't get the point.
Your sister's hyundai and alternator went out.
Ok, your accord has just about same bad problem as that hyundai then.
Accord alternator is known to blow also in case you haven't noticed.

You are keep talking like just because your sister's ONE hyundai had bad
experience, you talk like the whole hyundai's car sucks in general.

While we do appreciate your information, and its something that we definitely
want to hear, so that we know we might have a "chance" of getting a lemon
like your sister's(while that happens with honda and just about every other
company), but calling hyundai crappy and unreliable just because your sister
had a bad experience is pretty ignorant.

Again, if we go by your theory, counting how many damn complaints we have
about accords in V6P, it sure sounds like accord is the worst car ever you can get.
but that ain't true isn't it? Just a thought bro.
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