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StevilKnievel June 9th, 2015 02:48 PM

dropped on 16's?
Anybody out there sitting on 16's with a drop? I can't really upsize on the rim as I live in a particularly bad area for potholes and such so I need more sidewall to cushion the blow. I'm not looking to slam my car just close that awful fender gap over the front wheels. I'm trying to get some ideas of what I'm looking at. So if you got some pics I'd appreciate seeing them.

05accord6spd June 9th, 2015 03:41 PM

striking accord is on 17s with fat side wall and his car looks amazing. think he already changed his set up tho. also ryguy i think his name is has fatter tires on his rpf1s you can see his build thread.

not sure if this pic will work its from facebook.

never seen any 16s tho unless they were just dumped on stock wheels.

anyways im sure you can get the same effect on a 16 as these guys.

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