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Yeah those prices are flat out AWESOME! Since the new Avalon (Touring) is at the top of my next car list, I'm definitely going to check out the Azera at the two auto shows I'm going to soon. Assuming reliability checks out as at least average or better it'll pass the "Steve's Engineering Test" criteria, but will probably still not pass the "Steve's Wife's Style/Appeal/Image Test"

As long as Hyundai keeps it up and doesn't allow their quality to slip (*cough*Nissan*cough*) their shoddy brand image will disappear for the most part in about 5 years, and completely in about 10.

I may show my wife some pics of the Azera, but photoshopped ones with any logos or badging removed that would give away who makes it. I bet she thinks it's some high end car. Hmmm... yeah I'm gonna do that.
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