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my new project 56k is a no no

lol ill do the honor of posting first in this section with a cool new project of mine...

What can this car be getting ready for that it needs to be on jack stands?

How come there are no headers or an intake on? and wheres the Y-Pipe and cat?

That's just a new radiator nothing big....

Nah ah... sungeun6985 is not doing what I think he's doing... Is he?

Here are the rest of the pictures:

Turbo Manifolds


440cc Injectors


Clamps, Wires, Clips, ETC

Intake Pipes, Filter, Oil Lines

Hi-Flow Cat

And im getting the last box that has the FMIC pipeing and the UP/DOWN pipes, with the turbo and BOV. ill soon be the first turboed v6 tib in norcal... hehehe... now can anyone help me finidning a shop to dyno tune it in the norcal area?
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