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Old February 3rd, 2004, 07:58 PM   #1
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Rust Problem on Mazda6

Hey guys, to some this might be old news but for those that are not check your window trims!
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Old February 4th, 2004, 02:38 AM   #2
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That's not good Hopefully it isn't rust and it's just a chemical reaction in the paint.
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Old February 6th, 2004, 07:04 AM   #3
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This is reasonably old news. Frankly this article is the product of the magazine talking to a small few folks on the other 6 board who are not content with Mazda's answer to this problem. I can tell you that of the 3 6's I have in my family, 2 of them have this staining issue and since I noticed it in the spring the problem has not spread or gotten any worse. The spots I have on the 2 cars that have this issue in my garage can be scraped away and there is paint fully intact under them. I have had the molding off my car and you can't see under there, but running a business car under there you do get some of this stain residue but get no paint chips or any signs of paint bubbling because of rust. In my mind this is purely a surface problem from Mazda using the wrong lubricant to apply the rubber surrond on the doors and it reacting with the elements. Certain others have different opinions and took this to the magazine. Frankly, on Autoweek's part, it was not responsible reporting on their part because they did not go any further than getting second hand opinions and talking to a few folks that are not content with Mazda. Hey Autoweek, you want to do us Mazda 6 owners a favor? You want to report responsibly on this issue? Than take a sample of this residue off of any 6 that has the problem and has not had Mazda's fix and have it analyzed, tell me this is rust or not! Don't jump on the bandwagon and spread useless bull**** about this issue in your rag of a mag. REPORT FACTS not heresay. Save the heresay to those few you spoke to at the Mazda6Club.

If you are worried about this issue on your car, ask your dealership. Mazda released a TSB to fix this problem and remove the stains and keep them from reappearing. Many have had this fix done and do not continue to have issues.
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Old February 6th, 2004, 07:38 AM   #4
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From what Ive read (not in this article, but on a bunch of forums, etc), there are two distinct issues occurring at the same time.

The staining that wipes right off is actually an indication of the real issue. When water gets where you see the stain, it actually is mixing with (dare I say rust) thats "behind the scenes", and then running outside of that spot. You see the staining and wipe it away, because all it really is is water mixed with *something*.

The REAL issue, apparently, is that when the door panels were welded together, the weld was not sealed correctly (or at all). This causes them to r**t, and show signs of staining when water gets in there.

The TSB is decent, but if the real issue is the weld, the TSB is a stop-gap solution. There have been several people who have had bumps on the paint, indicating that the issue is getting worse.

FWIW, there are also people talking about the fact that the issue may have gone away, since Mazda re-tooled one of their production facilities. I was disappointed to hear about this issue, because I wanted to replace my ailing 2000 Accord with a Mazda 6. This has made me reconsider, but its OK, because now I want a Mazda 3 instead

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Old February 7th, 2004, 07:45 AM   #5
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chris, I had bumps on the paint in my fiancees 6 and they scraped off and the paint under them was fully intact. We actually had some on my fiancees car that were actually on the floor of the rear passengers entryway. We both saw them and were like WTF! But, I pulled away the plastic molding and scraped the spots off, paint fully intact, almost like something spilled on them. These were hard dark colored spots which looked just like rust, but using just water and a thumb nail it was almost a gooey consistency, no grit from rust chips present. Same as on my 6 in the door sash area. My point on the issue is to date, the only people who have done any kind of researh of this problem is Mazda. Everyone else on the internet has their own theory based on heresay. So who you gunna believe? Mazda does have everything to gain but more so everything to loose if they were to be caught in a lie here. The TSB fix is not being pushed by the dealerships in any agressive manner which leads me to belive that Mazda does not believe that this is an issue where anyones doors are going to rust out. Mazda claims the issue has been taken care of on the '04 models and many on the internet have kind of confirmed that. Mazda claims that it has not changed a thing in the production process other than the stuff they use to install the weatherstripping. If you look at the doors on an 04 6 the paint work around the affected area is EXACTLY the same as on my 03 yet no staining.
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Old February 7th, 2004, 08:37 AM   #6
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Posts: 103
I think it was just growing pains. Id heard (I know, damn the internet!!) that people were walking into showrooms, opening doors on a 6, seeing the "staining" and walking out after the salesman told them its perfectly normal. Note, some of these were 2004's.

But I do believe they've fixed the issue by now. I really think the facility they build it in being re-tooled is what fixed it. I really do NOT think it had anything to do with weatherstrip, "assembly lube", etc. The weld thing makes the most sense. Seriously, what kind of car company would use assembly lube that causes staining (much less rust), and on a car they use in a showroom so that people will want to buy it?

Either way, I never got to see one in person. I will be looking into a Mazda 3, so at the same time I might open the doors on a couple 6's (the 3 is built in Japan and based on the new Volvo S40 chassis.........not as refined as the 6, but Im looking for a peppy small car thats good on gas mileage).

How do you like your 6 otherwise? I think its the only car out there right now thats a decent replacement for a Honda Accord, for those of us that are fed up with Honda's "response" to the tranny issues.

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Old February 7th, 2004, 10:01 AM   #7
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Damn sucks for them.
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Old February 7th, 2004, 11:51 AM   #8
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chris, when you see it first hand, as I have on my car and my fiancees car, the lube explanation makes sense.

Actually on the 3, it does share a chasis with the S-40, but it is a Mazda platform lent to Volvo and not the other way around. That is why the suspension especially the rear is so similar to the 6's.

As for how we like the cars? We LOVE the cars. If you drove the Accord and the 6 back to back it would be your best bet. What you like depends on what your preferences are, obviously. IMO the 6 was much more performance oriented than the Accord was. As for the accord tranny issue? I know someone who had the tranny done on his accord at 35k and at 70k it is starting to slip again. I will take my chances with the 6 door sash issue, which I don't necessarily believe is rust over this tranny issue any day of the week!
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Old February 7th, 2004, 12:18 PM   #9
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Posts: 103
Yeah, if I wanted to stay with the V6 mid-size, Id be definitely lookign at the 6.

Unfortunately, I want to go smaller, better fuel economy, etc, so Im "stuck" with the 3. Right now, Im not even really looking.......waiting for some of the bugs to come out first. Ive always said Ill never buy a first year model, but the 3 looks so nice and not many people have them. Even still, the better of me says to wait until the '05s come out and either order an '05 or get a good price on an '04.

As far as trannies, I lost my first at 1500 miles, my second at 40K miles, and my current one is acting funny (but Im not 100% sure its the tranny, because I had the same issue BEFORE the tranny replacement). If they can just fix the issue Im having now, I wouldnt even be looking at a new car.

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