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  27. 7th gen LS430 Retro
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  34. 8000k to 6000k
  35. Issues with Retrofit
  36. Keeping Headlights Clean
  37. light wattage help
  38. Lexus RX330 AFS Projector RETRO
  39. ddm tuning hid harness
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  41. Hella Micro DE Projector Fogs installed
  42. TSX Projectors - is this normal?
  43. Retrofit Fail: AZine Content
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  45. ebay products
  46. lights
  47. 35watts vs 55watts?
  48. coolbulbs.com?
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  50. Finally opened up my CF retro....lots of pics
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  61. CCFL in tail Light
  62. How long?
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  79. License LED
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  87. Finally!
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  94. Retro
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  98. in ny need help pluging in a retrofit willing to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  101. AFS Motor Control
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  109. yes, another egay projectors thread.. question though
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  134. projector wiring help.
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  136. Help with HID choice on 6th gen
  137. any retrofitters in canada? perfer vancouver area
  138. Those who have HID Kits please LOOK
  139. What kind are these?
  140. Desperately need HID help
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  146. 3 7th gen Accord retrofits and 1 8th gen Accord
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  152. i need help!!..what shrouds?
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  154. Silverstar Ultra bulb
  155. Digital HID/Philips 85122CM
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  162. 7th gen retro proj, fitment??
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  165. Found the Audi LED maker
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  169. Viper 791xv alarm help!!!!
  170. Hey guys, long time no see!
  171. Beginning TSX Retro
  172. AMP connector help
  173. e46 or a4 bezels?
  174. need help with a little HID/Harness wiring..
  175. Accident - need quick help with TSX retrofit parts
  176. Does anyone know where I can get a bmw ballast cover?
  177. Vertical Adjust
  178. Anyone talked to J White (jwhiteslights.com)???
  179. retro question..
  180. convert bulb
  181. position of the HID bulb filament once in the headlight housing...
  182. Ebay Dual Projector Retrofitting
  183. 08 mustang Bullit HIDs
  184. Cop-like lights in my trunk
  185. Got My H.I.D'S
  186. Retrofit NORCAL
  187. HID problem
  188. xenonpros.com
  189. got another set of FX35 projectors
  190. Anyone have non-4300K Bulbs in their Retros?
  191. Shrouds?
  192. Retrofit
  193. passenger hids not working
  194. redhoused headlights?
  195. Get Retros?!?! Your Input PLZ
  196. 7th gen accord LED mirror covers
  197. Best HID kit for the TYC
  198. which ballast to buy ?
  199. Led Tails
  200. s2k accord 6thgen retro cutoff questions
  201. 7th Gen Accord RETRO!!!!!!! (56k=Go get some high speed)
  202. VisionPRO HID kit CHEAP in price. cheap in quality?
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  204. Larry does it again :) Check out this Retro :)
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  208. 6k and 8k HIDS
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  210. 08 Accord Sedan retro w/ LS430
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  223. foglights and hids in them
  224. Maglite led in fog light????
  225. JDM Yellow fog light capsule retrofit
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  227. Retrofit pictures
  228. Modding Stock Halogen Projectors (Gen 2 Solara)
  229. retro fitting help
  230. how do you aim headlights?
  231. FX Projectors. TL Ballast/Bulbs. My retro. (my pictures do like your 56k)
  232. Can someone explain the electrical portion of a retro?
  233. My 6th gen .. with s2k's ( no 56 K !)
  234. 8th Gen Coupe...Changing the rear license plate light...stuck, WTD next?
  235. how much are okay cheap HIDs?
  236. HID's
  237. Has anyone done retrofit with Audi TT projectors??
  238. HID Ballast Testing
  239. HID noober
  240. 25 or 30 amp relay?
  241. climate control lights
  242. hid
  243. HID Bulb Help...
  244. HID Replacement Bulbs
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  247. Odometer Light Problem
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