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Apexi WS2 Cat back Exhaust system
Injen air intake
Red silicone vacuum hose kit
Painted engine covers white and 3.0 vtec in red
Polished most of the nuts and bolts along with the air intake manifold
Stinger battery
Upgraded the alternator wire, main power wire to battery, starter wire, and ground wires from the battery
Leather w/suede inserts on the seats and custom stitching in the suede
Suede door inserts and back panels inserts
Suede rear deck
Suede arm rest
Custom suded floor mats with Accord V6 in-bossed in them
Shaved the rear hooks and speaker grills on the rear deck
Momo shift nob
Momo pedles
Momo e-brake
Momo e-brake boot & adoptor
Kaminari Body Kit, molded to factory bumpers and body of car
Middle taillight painted with a translucent paint
Clear bumper lenses
Eclipse AVN5435 6.5 touch screen, CD, DVD, Navigation
Eclipse 2/1 Channel Amp 2 of them
Eclipse 4/3/2 Channel Amp
Eclipse 5.5 inch 3-way separate speaker system
Eclipse 6.5 inch 3-way separate speaker system
Eclipse 2-12" subs
Symmetry EPX 2 with E-36 card
Stinger wiring, battery, and accessories
Custom kick panels made to house the 5.5” midrange and 1” tweeters. Then the kicks were wrapped in leather and dyed to match interior with suede inserts.
Custom door pods made to house the 6 ½ mid base speakers, then wrapped in leather and dyed to matchinterior.
Custom fiberglass center console, made to house the amp & temp. gauge.
Center of dash reworked to house the head unit.
Glove box reworked to house the crossovers then covered in suede.
Overhead dome light and sun glass holder reworked to house the Symmetry key pad and then painted gloss black, dome lights still work.
Custom pods made to house the mids, and tweeters, then custom molded to the A pillars. Then wrapped in lather and dyed to mach.
Trunk has a few painted pieces around the amps, cap box, and Symmetry box. Suede was used on the front of the sub box. The panel’s are wrapped in leather and dyed to match interior.
Neuspeed Sport drop springs (1.8 front and 1.7 rear)
factory shocks
Rotora cross drilled and slotted rotors, pads, and steel brake lines
Powder coated the factory calipers red
18x71/2 Racing Harts R/H Evolution limited production C2000
Pirelli 225/40/18


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