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Accord EX V6
2 Door, J30A1 B7XA 4AT, all ivory leather, dark emerald pearl paint, sliding/tilting moonroof.
Purchased in May 2015 as my first car. It's a never-ending project, haha!


NGK plugs + wires. All Centric brakes and bearings. Planning on the RL 4 pot brake caliper with 350Z rotors upgrade once I get my bigger tires figured out for clearance. I also have all the research done for the ATC6 six-speed swap from the 7th gen Accord.
2000+ headrests because they are wider and more comfortable. Scangauge with a suction cup mount for more data and code clearing. Custom ABS switch panel in place of the radio which controls the hardwired radar detector, footwell lights, and all other accessories.
Removed sunroof visor, removed front plate and bracket, and fully debadged the whole car. Mesh-style grill. Hella Sharptone horns. Might make a custom splitter and air dam this summer. I've been studying aerodynamics for fun.
Full NVX sound system and 2nd Skin sound deadening. 1" tweeters, 6.5" woofers with custom 3D printed speaker adapters, 6x9s in the rear, and 2x12" VCW subs in a 5 cubic foot box. Running off an XS Power D1200, NVX JAD 900.5 and JAD 1200.1 all in a custom amp rack. Also using NVX BT adapter and EQ that might get upgraded to an Audio Control three.2 later.
Nineo 9005/9006 LED headlights. All led interior lights. Dome and map are white while the gauges, clock, and HVAC are green. Adjustable footwell lighting kit. Custom DIY green led underglow. Green lights in the grill to make the engine bay have some color from the front.
DNA/Speed Daddy (eBay) headers, j-pipe, and full catback with a Cherry Bomb M80 muffler added in the center in place of a tiny resonator. No name eBay test pipe and O2 spacer. Never had a code pop from it. Not completely deafening but it makes some noise.
All Moog everything and Cardone axles. Stock spec for now. Planning on upgrading to H&R 50103 springs and an Eibach 4040.312 rear sway bar.
Wheel and Tire
Stock 16x6.5 alloys on 205/60-16. Picked up a set of 17x6.5 TL rims that need a set of tires. Will be running 225/50-17. Rims are the same width and offset and will be only a couple percent taller.


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