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    The headers should be aftermarket. Don't mind used just not rewelded stuff. Must be for a vtech 4 cylinder 98-02 coupe. As for the lip I'm pretty much open to all options With that being said show me what you got!
    I wanted to see if anyone has carb legal headers that is willing to remove the carb badge and sell it. Need a carb badge for headers for a 2002 accord v6.
    Hey, I'm just looking for either a jpipe or a hole header set. Currently i have a megan race header, but the flex pipe is ripped and fixing it is too much, just looking for something quick to replace. Thanks. Location SF.
  4. GTO LT headers

    Kooks LT (long tubes) headers for GTO
  5. 7th gen. AV6 headers

    headers, 7th gen. AV6
  6. Headers for My Tuscani

    SSA Race Headers and Race Cat
  7. J30A4 Cylinder Head

    2003 J30A4 Cylinder Head w/ Removed Valve Cover. View of head casted exhaust collector
1-7 of 7 Results