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    I got a few things I don't need, -V6p aluminum brushed door locks, bought from Kiet last week(need to be repolished)$17 depending where u r located, free shipping for door locks. Make offer -98-02 accord v6 stock intake, includes resonator, can either include oem filter or k&n replacement...
    Hi guys. I bought Paul's now I need to get rid of my OEM air intake, air filter box, and resonator assembly. Everything is genuine OEM, and comes with everything in the pictures and the two diagrams (except for the filter element). Everything is USED, but in EXELENT condition I'm...
  3. J30A4 6MT Intake Resonator

    Breakdown view of the 2003 J30A4 6 Speed's Intake Resonator Chamber
  4. Stock J30A1 Resonator

    Photo of a stock J30A1 Intake Resonator Chamber
  5. 6th Gen Intake Resonator Breakdown

    Breakdown View of the 6th Generation Accord V6 Intake Resonator Chamber
1-6 of 6 Results