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i bought a new complete OEM honda fog light kit (needed all the wiring and fog light switch, didnt want to use aftermarket for my Inspire fogs) so i wont be using the OEM fogs/housing, they are brand new still in plastic and come with the H11 bulbs in them already, perfect for anybody that has had their oem honda fogs cracked or chipped or just want to a freshen them up, and already has all the wiring for them already. Or if u have ebay fogs and want to switch the housing to factory oem ;)

$25 picked up
$30 shipped

you will only be getting the left and right foglight assemlby with the bulbs in them and the foglight housing/covers nothing more.

heres is a pic of everything that i got as u can see from the box it is a factory oem honda kit, and not aftermarket. (this pic is just to show that i the lights are from honda and not ebay lights, not to show everything wiring, relays or switches will b included)

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